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Google's Famous Security Guru Found An Embarrassing Hole In Microsoft's
The software in question affects almost all of Microsoft's family of security software. That means that the software Microsoft designed to protect computers from hackers can be hacked. In this case, it can be turned off, and from there, the hacker …
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Wearable devices pose threats to privacy and security
But this explosive growth in wearables could lead to a security nightmare, many experts say. When you wear a gadget on your clothes, your wrist, around your neck or right in front of your eyes, you're letting everyone know you own it, making you an …
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World Cup 2014: NFL security killjoys could learn from fun-loving FIFA
Any NFL type watching the crowds at the World Cup soccer matches might think FIFA and the Brazilian authorities are slacking on security. Why? Well, there's no way all those fans waving World Cup replicas, inflatable kangaroos, and enormous versions of …
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