Choose luxury pool villas over hotels when you stay in Thailand


If you decide to make Thailand your next tourist destination this year, then you will need some help when deciding where to stay. Do not get me wrong, there is certainly no shortage of amazing places to stay, although there is amazing, and then there is perfection. Why not pamper yourself with the latest and upgrade your vacation to an unforgettable experience.

In this article we will look at several different reasons why you have to opt out of a luxury private pool holiday complex this year, as opposed to going to a hotel. Now it is important to keep in mind that Thailand has some of the finest hotels in the world. I'm not saying you will not have fun if you agree with a hotel. The only thing I say is that a luxury private pool resort is something else.

Take it from someone who was really there, did this and get the beer jacket. I have lived in Thailand for the most part for 3 years and I have every intention of coming back before the year expires. I stayed in all-inclusive accommodation, believe me – I know what I'm saying when I say luxury cottages in Thailand are just to die.

I'm sleeping in a small beach hut of nothing but a futon on the floor, just a ragged brain grid and a shaky floor fan to calm me down. And even then I had the time of my life! So, you can imagine my excitement as soon as I stepped into one of the most beautiful and peaceful resorts I've ever seen …

You feel extremely special

Whether you are staying in a gorgeous hut, a 3-star hotel or the best resort in Thailand; you will get excellent service, there is no doubt – so call it a land of smiles. Due to the unparalleled level of service that the Thai have to offer – another reason to choose Thailand for your next tourist destination.

But there is something different when you are staying in a luxury resort … you feel even more special. This is not so much the extra treatment you get, but the fact that you are not crowded into a building. You have a place to breathe and marvel at peace and quiet, something you will not be able to experience much if you stay in Bangkok.

You can really immerse yourself in nature

Yes, I know it sounds like cheese, but there is so much truth about it. When you are surrounded by nothing but a luscious emerald green foliage, stunning palm trees from fish tails and a soothing sea breeze that rolls in the Andaman Sea … you can not help, but you get hold of everything.

Approximately 20% of Thailand is covered with mountains and hills; a stunning number when you think how big the country is. This is a wonderful feeling, though it is masked by the wonderful green giants. I found myself walking around feeling like an idiot most of the time because you are constantly worried about how beautiful Thailand is!

Again there are many stunning hotels to choose from, although few can bring you as close as possible to nature as one of the luxury private villas in Thailand.

Did anyone say PRIVATE Pool?

Remember, when you are in a hotel, you have to share the pool with the other guests. Which is not that bad, as this is a great opportunity to create friends. Although, if you ask me, I would rather be friends with the bar, I do not know them, and I also potentially swim in their dick!

No, I would prefer my own private pool, right? Only with the stunning green leaf spies silently around you. When you think the temperature of Thailand is on average 34 degrees in summer, you will need it!

Even if you go in May and November, which is called a "rainy season," you will still be watching temperatures of about 29 degrees (with even higher humidity levels). you better get out of the pool. Although at one breath, the view from your villa will be absolutely incredible. I was sitting and watching how many storms in Thailand are developing and this is one of the most inspiring and spectacular events that one can see. (While you are nice and dry, of course)

Silence …

When you stay at a hotel, there is no guarantee of who will be in the room next to you. Most of the time you'll be fine, though when hanged and trying to bite Bloody Mary in peace but there's an army of screaming kids jumping in and around the pool … Well, you get the idea.

And again, Thailand is not known for its tranquility and tranquility? Though you believe it or not, there are many things to enjoy, all you have to do is find the right place.


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