Hotels reviews, should I do it?


When do you think of a hotel reviewer, what image does the mind look like? You most likely imagine a person who stays in the most luxurious hotels in the world, eating in exclusive restaurants and treating himself as a king. Well, this image may be accurate if you imagine a reviewer working for a large post, such as the Forbes or LHW guide. Unfortunately, most reviewers at the hotel, like me, do not work for big publications; rather on their own. This raises some difficulties that I will point out in the following paragraphs.


Hobbyists and small reviewers usually lack large financial resources. Unlike large publications that can buy the best equipment on the market, hire famous journalists and buy ads, people like me can not afford these luxury goods. In fact, I can not even take my own photos of the hotel I'm participating in, instead I have to contact any hotel I would like to present and get permission to use their materials – a process that has proved very difficult.


Most of the hotels I worked on were very difficult to work with. The public relations and marketing hotels of luxury hotels usually give you a hard time before allowing you to use their media materials even if your goal is to present them in a very positive light.


When you create a review and recommend that people go to a specific place, you are committed to them and accountable for your recommendation. You will certainly not have any responsibility for their pleasure, but you will not sleep well at night if you send someone to a place that is not real and honest. Research plays a key role in this work. My budget does not allow me to visit myself, or at least to send someone I trust in the hotels I offer, instead depends to a large extent on the differences that each hotel had and on the reviews of the guests who share their Experience with the World. Fortunately, so far I have received huge feedback from people who went to the hotels I recommended, something that brings me great satisfaction.

Time consumption:

If you follow the copyright practices and respect the intellectual property of the hotels you present, be prepared to spend a lot of time on your project. Once you've received all the permissions you've been pursuing, you'll need to start reviewing. Find the perfect background music, narration, filter out insignificant photos and videos, and write a lot of text. In the end, everything has to be done in a video that does not take more than ten minutes.

Assessment and recognition:

Personally, when I finish the review, it fills me with a feeling of joy. But unfortunately, not everyone will enjoy the video that you have worked so hard to create, you will not end up with millions of opinions, and you will not be enriched by this. If you're inconsistent and do not upload or blog everyday, you just will not get the credit and recognition you deserve.

Given this, it is not so bad to look at the hotels. I know that every review I publish makes the holiday of someone I do not know much better. Hotel browsing encourages hotels to offer a better service and to be more friendly and courteous. This job has a great karma to her, and who knows what kind of opportunities this hobby will open for me.

So what do you think after reading this article? Do you still want to be a hotel reviewer?


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