Effective ways to save hotel bookings


In today's era, when everything has expanded globally and world organizations work further to serve communities around the world, travel has become more important than ever. Hence, people have begun to consider travel as a daily part of life to resolve business goals or to break away from stress. In both cases finding accommodation that can meet your requirements, budget and time has become a major crisis and you all have to wonder how to save that extra money for accommodation while traveling to an unknown location. To answer this question, this article came up with the most amazing ideas following expert advice and market research to give you a definitive conclusion on effective ways to save money while booking a hotel. So see the list below and make your escapes much more affordable and enjoyable at the same time:

1. Time is the key

No matter what you do, the perfect time covers half the way to your success and when planning a vacation, it's really important, as you can catch in a great deal of demand or time when everything is closed. It is always important to look for the deals a few months ago to make sure you get the perfect season prices or take advantage of the last-minute search option to get the canceled rooms at an affordable price. Also, at the perfect time, we want to plan our holidays during the season, which is neither on the top nor at a distance when talking about tourism and we guarantee that you will get everything with perfect weather conditions, fun.

2. Compare best deals

Most people today go to giant agencies or trusted agents to make their reservations and, ultimately, pay more for their trust in the wrong hands. Frequently experts recommended by travelers always compare prices between travel agencies and hotel groups to find the best offer and make reservations made after finding the most suitable trip for your trip. There are a number of well-known as well as start-up travel agencies that allow you to book hotel seasonal discounts, special discounts and other offers available exclusively on the market to overshadow others and give you the dream you have always wanted.

3. Search for less remarkable places

The hotel's facilities, located close to landmarks and attractions, are more expensive than hotels and resorts located in other parts of the city. While the landmark area can give you the advantage of exploring attractions a few blocks away, hotels located further away are ready to offer you more at low prices to attract your attention and give you the best quality stay. Hotels near the biggest attractions and first-class locations are often packed during the seasons and require a pre-booking procedure that also pays a big contribution to higher prices. If you book your hotel in places that are a bit further away from these important sites and are located in less remarkable places, you will surely find quality accommodation at lower plans.

4. Using memberships

While we pay or during booking, we often forget to consider other sources that may be more useful to us and often miss the opportunity to save a little more while booking a hotel stay. These days, when the organization competes to attract your attention and business from you, they also give you some privilege to receive cash, concessions and other benefits and leverage while using their special and exclusive membership abilities. Many banks and card companies now offer special offers while cooperating with travel agencies and provide some cash benefits as well as discounts on a minimum amount of transaction. Using these offers may give you some extra benefits to ensure a little more savings when booking a hotel.

5. Find what you actually require

In hunger for finding the best accommodation option, we often rely on finding hotel deals that provide everything and often pay more for services and amenities that we do not need. Before making your reservation for a B & B, All Inclusive and Half Board, always arrange your requirements and therefore consider whether you will need these services or not. Obviously, the more services you add to your hotel room, the more you pay. Therefore, always reserve for the things you need, and try to avoid those services that you can use and you can get them if needed as an add-on.

Whenever you plan a holiday for yourself or friends, you can think of many other options, such as finding hostels, surfing the couch (not for any destination), finding a person you know and more, but these concepts are not worthy when you are on a trip or on holiday with your family or friends. So, if you were thinking of going to your next vacation and taking a step back in your decision after watching the hotel rates, then all you need now is to go through these points and consider them before book hotel, good condition. However, if you were thinking of saving a little more, you can always look for some seasonal offers for flights.


Advantages of luxury hotels


Before booking a hotel, you should seriously consider the holiday you really deserve. Booking a luxury hotel has so many advantages compared to a cheap hotel with limited options.

Start thinking about your comfort when you sleep! Quality hotels will invest in comfortable beds with quality mattresses and pillows. Some of your cheaper hotels are not gracious about your bad feedback if you get a pointless bed!

If you book meals at a hotel, go to a high-rated hotel where the quality of the food is more likely to be higher. People who pay more for hotels are often more likely to demand high standards, so it keeps the hotel staff on the alert and usually leads to better standards.

If you are staying at a hotel in the winter, be careful if you are hoping for a nice swim in the outdoor pool, as many cheap hotels will not have heated pools that are needed in the winter depending on your destination.

Hotels in the Thomson Gold Group are known for their high ratings of customer satisfaction and therefore these customers often only book this brochure because they know that the quality of the hotel will be of the highest standard and meets certain criteria!

The luxury hotel will often have many more sports and leisure facilities with activities planned during your stay to keep you busy and content.

So it is clear that the benefits of luxury hotels are worth considering if you want a relaxing break.


What facilities and services to look for when booking a hotel


When it comes to booking a hotel room for overnight or several nights, you may want to make sure that they have certain facilities and services that will make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable. Not all hotels offer the same amenities and services and they do not always offer the same level of service so you will want to look closely to make sure you get what you expect to make your stay pleasant and unforgettable .

One of the many things that some people want to find while staying at a hotel is a wellness center on site. Somewhere they can pamper, a place where they can enjoy a variety of quality treatments by top therapists to make their stay more special. Whether it's a relaxing person or a relaxing massage, the on-site wellness center can provide guests with the opportunity to indulge and unwind to feel rejuvenated after their stay.

Another thing many people are looking for when booking a hotel for one night or two is a gym. While you are on holiday or traveling on business, many people still enjoy their daily workout and have access to a gym where you can take half the hour or hour of exercise that may be important to you. Explore the hotel and services they offer, identify whether they can provide you with an on-site gym or free access to the nearby gym, so you can take advantage of the fitness room while away from home.

Then make sure they have a restaurant on site. While away from home, it's time to try new places, sometimes dining at the hotel restaurant is more convenient, especially after a long day of sightseeing or sightseeing. If you meet friends, see if they also have a lounge bar, somewhere where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner, perhaps with some deserved cocktails after dinner as an added benefit.

Whether the hotel provides you with free Wi-Fi internet access during your stay. Most hotels nowadays will give you access to the internet. This only allows you to complete any work you need to do or keep in touch with your family and friends by updating your Facebook page so your friends can see where you are and what you are doing. The availability of the Internet on your fingers ensures that you have the technological time and that you enjoy the modern amenities you have at home.

Make sure you have chosen the hotel's concierge service. A concierge service can be of great help when you are away from home. This service is run by an experienced team with an extensive knowledge area. They can help you with everything from organizing a car rental to finding a good local theater restaurant and tour reservations. They can make recommendations about what to see and do during your stay to make sure you make the most of your experience.

The ultimate things to look for, especially when traveling on business, is whether they offer some functional facilities and, if so, what they offer. If you are in the city at work and intend to have several meetings, then you may want to take a closer look at the hotel's conference facilities. Can they meet you for meeting in the hotel, perhaps with breakfast or tea and coffee, so that you can hold your meetings with ease and without interruption.


Luxury hotels and resorts in Mexico


If you are planning a trip that can revive your life and provide you with the necessary adventure, look no further than Mexico, as this is the best place for this holiday season. The country is full of rich culture and diverse traditions. The North American state of Mexico stretches between the ocean and the bay, as shown on the map of Mexico. The tropical cancer effectively divides the country into moderate and tropical zones. The Earth, located north of the twenty-fourth parallel, experiences lower temperatures during the winter months. South of the twenty-fourth parallel, temperatures are relatively constant all year round and vary only as a function of altitude. This gives Mexico one of the most diverse air conditioning systems in the world. There are a number of destinations in the country, full of natural and human monuments. Rafting, rafting, mountain climbing or fishing are some of the activities that complement the experience of visiting local communities, museums, galleries, or enjoying regional traditions.

The hotels in Mexico and the luxurious resorts of Mexico under the Villa Group have a variety of penthouses and apartments to suit your style. Enjoy a room overlooking the beach or the entrance through the garden to enjoy your coffee in the early morning hours. The hotels have all the necessary rooms. There are spa facilities to provide you with the necessary massage to rejuvenate your mind. Look at attractive stay packages that include even free breakfast, spa therapy and various other amenities to suit your needs. The concierge at Villa Mexico Hotels organizes fishing through the river, which is certainly a pleasure to enjoy the serenity of the sea.

A person who heads to Mexico should arrange one thing and book accommodation in advance. Hotels in Mexico are booked very quickly and planning is needed. There are also beautiful resorts in Mexico that provide tourists with all the desired luxury goods. One of the most popular luxury hotels in Mexico is Villa Group. The group has a chain of Mexican luxury hotels and luxury resorts located all over the country. This makes the hotel chain an ideal option. The group has its resorts and hotels in places like Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Loreto Island, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.

The resort also offers great deals throughout the year to suit your needs. There are attractive wedding packages that allow access to the entire resort for a nominal price. You can plan and organize wedding weddings with the help of a concierge at the resorts. The resort is the perfect place for a perfect wedding. In case hotels in Mexico are booked, you do not have to worry because the company has connections with several other resorts or hotels across the country and still provides all the amenities you need. The group also has an online help tool to connect with the resort to get all the necessary information. The hotels also offer a wide variety of cuisines for your palette. You can access the website or connect directly to the luxury resorts in Mexico to get all the necessary information.


Romantic hotels for lovers in Jodhpur


Want to spend a romantic time with your partner? The city of love, Jodhpur calls you. From the lovers of the newlyweds, Jodhpur is the preferred place to enjoy some sleepy time with your partner. Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan and its famous tourist destination of India.

This city offers stunning romantic hotels for lovers who are just gorgeous for them to enjoy their time and have an endless romance. This city is all about romantic hotels, luxury escapes and leisure hotels that one simply can not miss. If you want to visit a romantic place with your lover, then Jodhpur is the perfect place for you. This is one of the best places for lovers to spend their precious time for each other and to enjoy the waves of Unconditional love and romance. There are so many romantic hotels in the city that are so adorable for lovers that they just want to spend all the time in exotic luxury escapes and enjoy the romance.

Jodhpur is a tourist destination spot for reason, and the biggest reason is that this is a wonderful place for lovers to enjoy their honeymoon. With an ideal location and facilities to match, Jodhpur City Hotel hits the spot in many ways. If you really want to spend a little romantic time with your lover in Jodhpur then book one of the romantic hotels in Jodpur and enjoy the romance, luxury escapes and the unique feeling of love. The feeling of Love in Jodhpur's wonderful nights is simply impossible to explain through expressions. This is an emotion that every lover needs to experience and that is why you have to spend some time in romantic hotels. The entertainment hotels are Jodhpur's brilliance.

The royal and unique experience for couples in this beautiful city that makes you feel like a king and spend your dream time with your queen in the glittering golden sand. If you are a bride and you are planning a honeymoon, we can assure you that this is the most romantic place to visit. The wonderful palaces, heritage monuments and rural villages make this place ideal for couples. Lovers not only see too many attractive places in the city, but also spend the romantic time together, making them closer to each other.

There are so many romantic hotels with luxury escapes for couples that they will get the feeling that they live in some royal kingdom with the queen. These holiday hotels are so beautifully crafted that one just wants to visit Jodhpur again and again. This Sun City has some old and classic charm that not only attracts couples but also tourists. Jodhpur is the ideal place for couples to spend some time, to stay away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and, most importantly, have romance as much as they want. Jodhpur is further away from doubt in the ideal place for lovers to enjoy romance. Jodhpur is full of lovely hotels for lovers. Do you plan for Honeymoon or want to spend some time with your lover? Just visit Jodhpur once and you will not want to go back home. This is the perfect romantic place for couples.


Tips for choosing the right hotel


Choosing and booking a hotel can be tricky and time-consuming, especially if you visit a place for the first time. There are so many hotels to choose from, so it may be difficult for you to decide who will meet your needs and give you the greatest value for your hard-earned money. Being able to choose the right hotel is actually the most important decision you have to make, as it can pause or interrupt your trip whether you are on holiday or taking a business trip.

The main reason for finding a suitable hotel accommodation is to achieve a balance between quality and price. You want accommodation to fit in the budget, offer quality service and first-class amenities and is centrally located so you do not have any problems. Remember that a good hotel not only provides you with a cozy place to stay but also needs to enrich and complement the purpose of your trip. If you are traveling frequently, you may have noticed the improving amenities of cheaper hotels, so you do not always have to look for luxury hotels just to provide quality service. Therefore, it is imperative that you do your homework and do some research to make informed choices when you finally make a reservation.

One of the most critical factors in choosing a hotel is its location. It is always best to choose one that is centrally located to all major destinations and close to malls and shops. While hotels in the center or near major attractions are more expensive, you may find them more comfortable as you can save time and money for public transport to such places. It is also advisable to choose a hotel located near the airport and train station. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere or just looking for a good night's sleep, try to get rid of the areas with major traffic and lively nightlife.

The next thing to keep in mind is the comforts of the hotel. So before you travel, try to determine what kind of amenities you have and which ones you can do. Make sure everything you need is available like WI-FI, 24-hour room service and more. Find out if breakfast is already included in the price and whether the hotel has facilities such as spa, swimming pools, fitness and business centers. which can help you relax, stay in shape or catch up. Also ask if they have airport shuttle service, so you will not have to take a taxi or public transport.

Finally, before choosing a hotel, try going online and reviewing the property reviews. A number of tourist sites are subject to unbiased reviews of different hotels. The views of previous guests of hotel accommodation always give a comprehensive idea of ​​what the hotel really can offer.


Accommodation and accommodation at Athens Airport Hotel


Athens became the leading city of ancient Greece during the first millennium BC. It has been inhabited for over 4500 years. This is the historical capital of Greece.

If you plan to visit Athens or simply stop at the airport, you can go to some of your nearby hotels. Here are some options:

Hotel Les Amis

Hotel Les Amis boasts a unique, comfortable and exceptional service at a very reasonable price. This Athens airport hotel is located on the outskirts of Athens, just 15 minutes from Athens International Airport. Around this hotel in Athens you will find more than a dozen real Greek taverns where you can enjoy Greek specialties. 4 km from Les Amis Hotel you will find the most elegant neighborhood of Athens – Glyfada. Here you can find gourmet restaurants, stylish cafes and one of the best shopping areas in the region of South Athens.

This hotel is close to Athens International Airport (only 12 km). Due to the location of the hotel, it was very convenient for guests who have connecting flights or guests arriving or departing from Athens.

This Athens hotel allows small pets at no extra charge (on request).
They not only pamper you during your stay, but even when you are away from your room. They offer seamless storage of personal belongings between visits. Their staff will carefully store your belongings and put them in your room before your arrival so you can always feel at home.

This airport hotel in Athens offers express laundry and dry cleaning – as long as you want it. Laundry, which is given at 0700H, will be delivered to you on the afternoon the same day.

You can book your reservations by +30 2108991002-3. You can also send them by fax at +30 2108991003.

Hotel Avra

Hotel AVRA is deliberately located right beside Rafina's Marina. At an average travel time of about 20 minutes from Athens International Airport, this is very convenient for passengers.

This Athens hotel is just 30 minutes from the center of Athens. It also offers the best alternative to the average market for high quality and value for today's business and leisure guests. The hotel's additional facilities include meeting and banquet facilities that can accommodate up to 350 people.

This Athens hotel offers 96 well-designed guest rooms, all with private bathrooms or showers. Many have magnificent views of the Aegean Sea. Each room provides you with a comfortable and pleasant stay. It includes direct telephone ISDN lines, internet access, satellite TV, music, air conditioning, a safe, hairdryer, soundproofed windows and a desk area.

Just a few steps from the hotel lobby, Avra ​​Bar & Lounge Bar. You can enjoy a unique marine atmosphere. It offers guests a choice of coffee, creative cocktails, snacks and deserts.

To book your accommodation, go to 3 Arafinidon Alon, Rafina, Rafina Beach, Rafina Port 19009 Attiki, Greece. You can also call ++ 30 22940 22780.


The best hotels to stay in Lahore for tourists


Best Travel Hotels in Lahore, Pakistan

Since Lahore has successfully attracted thousands of tourists every year for a very long time, the hotel business is quite profitable in the city. From delicious food served at Gawalmandi and Fort Food Streets for the breathtaking beauty of the Shalimar Gardens and the Badshahi Mosque, Lahore is a great place to spend a few days exploring things. However, it is very necessary to choose a good hotel from different hotels in Lahore Pakistan.

You can find numerous hotels that offer many facilities and nicely furnished rooms at competitive rates, but follow the best hotels in Lahore Pakistan to spend a few days in:

Hotel Liberty: Extremely affordable accommodation, Hotel Liberty is located in the heart of Liberty, a well-known shopping center in Lahore. Featuring air-conditioned rooms with an attached bathroom, fridge and TV, Hotel Liberty enjoys an ideal location from which guests can easily access Lahore's finest restaurants on MM Alam Street. Hotel Liberty is also close to Allama Iqbal International International Airport and Daewoo Bus Stop.

Hotel Marco Polo: Situated near Lahore Train Station and the city center, Marco Polo Hotel is a great opportunity for travelers wishing to explore Old Lahore. With so many things to offer in Old Lahore, it will be convenient to stay at Hotel Marco Polo, which offers clean rooms equipped with air conditioning and an adjoining bathroom. There is also a TV and the hotel is provided satisfactorily by the guards. A complimentary breakfast is served, and on-site dining options are available.

Faletti & S: One of the oldest hotels in Lahore, Pakistan, was built in 1880 during British colonialism. Although ancient property, it is a beautiful place to live because of the recent renovation process that took place. There is a wide variety of rooms that you can choose from according to your requirements and budget. Although accommodation at Faletti may cost a lot, experience will cost your money. There is a room in the hotel that can accommodate about 1,800 people. Faletti's is within easy reach of Lahore Fortress, Badshahi Mosque and Food Street.

Hotel One Mall: Hotel One is a great opportunity to live in Mall Road for business travelers and tourists and is easily accessible from Lahore Airport, highway, shopping areas and tourist attractions. The air-conditioned rooms at the One Mall are equipped with a minibar, electric kettle, coffee maker and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. You can also visit the Lahore Museum, which is just 4 km away.

everything Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, in-room safe, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. There is a restaurant on site where delicious food is served. With the armed guards, the security of Royal Legacy is reliable. The need for laundry and ironing is performed by efficient staff. So these five are the best hotels in Lahore Pakistan that can meet all your accommodation requirements.


Designing operationally efficient hotels: 5 factors that will guide you


In this world there are many hotels that are proud of their beautiful architecture. Dolder Grand in Switzerland, The Langham Chicago, ME London Hotel and Hongta Hotel in Shanghai, China are examples of a star design that just takes your breath away. But there is another reason why all these businesses are unique – they have managed to do something that it is impossible to do before – to balance with function and effective operation with an attractive design without compromising class or style.

But what exactly is operating efficiency?

Operational efficiency is available in several forms and is not limited to intelligent design that simplifies the movement of staff and services. It also has a lot to do with internal energy efficiency, waste management, the use of smart equipment and efficient layouts, design that avoids the clash of guest and service traffic, and uses the right materials to deliver tremendous return on your hard-earned investment.

Let's look at several aspects of designing an operationally efficient hotel.

The future is now

If you just prioritize small profits in terms of cheap and more expensive materials, you are in a hurry. You may have significantly less investment, but it will ultimately be a nightmare for maintenance. This approach neglects the long-term health of the building and you will spend much more than originally.

The rigid surface elements are very favorable. For example, consider using vinyl flooring in comparison with carpets. Not only is it more efficient, durable and easier to maintain but also has a sense of classification. Carpets tend to get dirty faster, require more cleaning, generate high equipment costs, and more jobs.

Another great way to save space is the preferred shower compared to bath tubs in the bathroom – this leads to a lack of vacuum cleaner and less space for cleaning.

In this way, the hard surface elements can always be repaired using textiles that add color and vitality depending on your design choices. This type of renovation is easier than a pocket.

It is also reasonable to minimize the goods (furniture from solid materials). When you choose to change soft goods, this option makes it cheaper and leads to a shorter stay.

Updates of lighting and HVAC

Traditional luminaires can give you an ornate look but require more maintenance, as they usually have glass coatings that are prone to debris, dirt and insect collection. Also, energy consumption is higher, and waste disposal is a nightmare due to the hazardous materials found in these lights.

LEDs today have incredibly diverse designs and save costs when it comes to construction and operation. They also account for only 20% of the electricity costs associated with traditional lighting. While we understand that the effects of incandescent lighting are difficult to achieve with LEDs, some areas such as signs, guest rooms, lobbies and conference spaces can be optimized for energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Employment sensors are also great as they save a lot of money by excluding ventilation and lights when no one is near. Since lighting is required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, due to security and other measures, it is necessary to minimize costs when necessary. Alternatives to night light are great, especially for your back.

HVAC needs constant monitoring and you must remove the hard points for air and water supply at the desired temperatures. Switching to a centrally managed, IoT-based system that is responsive and dynamic can be expensive to start with, but will bring enormous savings. IoT also lets you monitor maintenance and maintenance devices that, if overlooked, can result in many other costs.

Other recommendations in this area include:

  • Equipment for automatic dispenser lamps with sensors
  • Re-equipping backlit lighting with low-power alternatives
  • Reduce tent lighting

Universal spaces

Use the hotel spaces in a dynamic way so you do not have to construct additional constructions or decommission existing ones.

For example, general tables can work like bars at night and serve breakfast during the day. Hilton & # 39; Tru & # 39; in Virginia it uses all its multifunctionality spaces. They have a huge lobby called "Hive" that is divided into four zones:

  1. Work area with desk and focus cubes
  2. The Salon for Public Activities
  3. Game area for indoor games
  4. A dining area that is round, so it also doubles as a reception with a place for light meals and snacks.

Keeping these considerations in mind, aesthetic but functional, design can easily be realized.

The technical edge

Maintaining guest preferences can be difficult. What is even more difficult is to keep up with all the changes in preferences and the packaging of technological improvements.

While the rooms themselves have a lifetime, technologies can become obsolete in a short period of time – sometimes months, if not years. This is a problem that many people try to bypass, and the only tangible solution is to indulge in a flexible architecture that can easily accept these changes.

In addition, the use of analytics and large data will help you better understand your customer base, which in turn will not give you rough shocks when it comes to realizing designs or new fixtures.


New passengers are mostly millennial. Companies like AirBnB are witnessing the stellar growth of their business because of how customized their lists are and the type of hyper-local experiences they have trained.

Hotels with branded products face a challenge in this regard, and the re-engineering project to reflect this is highly recommended. When using materials, for example, select local materials that promote local relationships with masters and other suppliers. Having a strong network helps to increase your atmosphere to reflect this local element.

Do not limit the hotel experience to the place you own. But other experience links that are regional will help you personalize yourself. Every brand property you have has to experience a different experience to eliminate the monolithic feeling.

The item from & quot; geographic & design is also essential. Your design should show differences. In cold weather, better insulated walls can result in huge savings in the form of energy consumption needed to heat the property. The same applies to disaster relief zones that need adaptive structures.

This also comes into effect when the picture is differentiated. Design elements should act as differentiators, reflecting the universal brand identity. Design for different segments of your guests and act according to them, otherwise it may seem absurd. For businessmen and corporations, the mood of the room should be more rational and focused on minimal employment. For families, accommodation should be more favorable for children. For travelers looking for a truly unique experience, explore the latest design features.

Keep in mind that segments also bleed to each other so that you are at the top of your game will be essential.

When it comes to it, operational efficiency is not difficult to achieve. You must act with foresight and consider the bigger picture. It is not enough just to meet your short-term goals and take measures that are not cost-effective in the long run. Sustainable existence must become a priority for hotels and they must include it in their first-day game plan. Once operational efficiency manages all of your decisions, you will unintentionally be misled.


USA Hotels: Luxury and Affordable


Accommodation is the main concern of every tourist. Your pleasure doubles if you get a nice place at affordable prices for your destination. Your whole journey experience is filled with excellent memories if you find a foreign place on a foreign land. Each tourist destination takes full care of the right places to accommodate visitors. The United States is a country that offers excellent conditions to deal with this basic care of passengers.

Here you will find hotels and resorts ranging from luxury to simple in all parts of the country. All major cities have world-renowned hotel chains. Some of them are the best example of contemporary architectural excellence. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and many others will never make you look hard for the hotels you are interested in and the preferred location. The chain of hotels such as Hyatt and Hilton are listed in the US hotels.

Travelers who are on a tour in US cities do not find a lack of affordable hotels with many modern amenities. Whatever the location, you will find accommodation of a type that suits the place and according to your preferences as well as accessibility. For example, the beach attraction has several magnificent seaside resorts and beachfront hotels. The amazing accommodation in the city center makes your trip even easier. All hotels are wonderful in terms of premises, premises, locations, sizes and architecture.